A Stranger Comes to Town

There is a town in Alaska with a total of 217 residents in which everyone lives in the same 14 story building. There is one school, hospital, church, and grocery store.

With a grim smirk tugging at his lips and his narrow eyes reacting to the bright white snow by squinting, making him appear as a peculiar outcast right away, he reached up and pulled the hood of his jacket over his head in one swift motion. Coming from the southern city of New Orleans, more commonly referred to as the Big Easy by it’s residents, Tuck found comfort under the hot summer sun and a simple thin t-shirt. His days prior to the move were abridged by numerous reluctant shopping trips in which his mother forcefully slipped him into fur coats and tall boots, inciting him to feel as though she were trying to disguise his warm personality in preparation for the cold they were bound to face.

Entering the small village, Tuck felt as if the universe had squeezed him between its index finger and thumb, flicking him into a place he was all but content with. Whittier was an eyesore to him and he felt the usual gentle pat on the back from his mother slowly turn into a shove, forcing him to move forward and into a place unknown. His hands fumbled around under the thick fabric of his gloves, a going-away gift from one of his friends. At his first single thought of home and his old companions since his entrance into Whittier, his stomach stung with the fear of new beginnings, yet he still pushed on, grabbing ahold of two suitcases and allowing his feet to carry him toward the menacing tower in which he’d be living in for the next disorganized chapter of his life.

There was a tall and buff man who acted as a guide for him and his mother. Tuck facetiously entertained himself during the agonizing elevator ride up to their apartment by creating an amusing image in his mind of the man. He looked like a bear, and Tuck couldn’t help but to let out a snort that acted as a piercing needle in the thin fabric that was the tormenting silence within the puny elevator. His mother’s eyebrows furrowed into one, a silent scold. He rolled his eyes defiantly, the mess of his current situation within this uncharted town suddenly hitting him like a slap in the face.


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