Haiku as Syllabics


Flowers bloom in her veins

Soft smile, in a daze



Afternoon light shines

Fingertips on the windowsill



He wakes slow, drowsy taps

Sandpaper fingers, faint words



Toast and tea, tendrils of love

Rosewater dribbles on


Yet still they part

Dainty fingers up against the window

He drives off


The walls hang over her

Feeling them push her skin,

Eyes shut, breathe deep, rest


He comes again

Although he goes each time

Shifting in and out of rooms


Her lips part with

A soft voice, words unheard

Bells sound, chimes ring, birds sing


Therapy is long gone

Mundane waters flood their home

How was your day?


Teeth clenched, fists tight

They spit flames in the eyes of

Secret tunnels within


Like a snake

He sheds his old love for her quick

Tears it apart with hate


Her diary is antedated

Recollection of him

Go on


Winter wind inhibits her bones

Tear stains, one crease

Feather the last page


One last word

The story is through,

Leaves her here, wishing for more of you



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