Treetop relaxation

All a koala could ask for,

That soporific sensation


Eyes lit up with an inner mighty roar

Cute on the outside

On the inside, much more


The forest is far and wide

Here he stays

Taking each day in stride


With his koala friends, he says

“There’s nothing like sitting in the trees!”

With the branches he sways


He greets the snakes, he greets the bees

A nice pal to all

Sharing his feast of leaves


Yet sometimes the trees are too tall

The koala, he frets

He longs to sit in them all


What he wants, he gets

He climbs up fast

His friends making bets


The entire forest is aghast

Who knew he could be this brave?!

Hopefully he doesn’t end up in a cast


He reaches the top, his friends in a rave

He waves down to them

Their day, he has saved


This story has come to an end

Goodbye we wave

To our good koala friend



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