The Breakfast Club Characterization


Claire’s hair fell in semi-sweet licorice curls, framing her ivory face with a few wisps falling over her forehead in a perfectly imperfect manner. She wasn’t familiar with this environment whatsoever; she felt as though she had been catapulted into another world. The air was stagnant and warm within the library in which detention was held, inclining her to remove her coat and hang it on the back of her chair. Her adornments stayed quite simple that morning, diamond earrings settling on her earlobes and shining with taunt at the others in the room; everyone had a precedent set for her persona of the “rich girl” and she had no intent of proving them wrong. Her casual lunch of sushi and soy sauce was enough to give away her facade of wealth, perfectly plucked eyebrows rising on her face with impudence as the boy next to her questioned her decision with a comedic tone.



A raggedy flannel hung over the boy’s particularly intimidating frame, the leather gloves covering his hands enough to make one cower in fear with a single approach. His attitude was apathetic that Saturday, a result of his routine conformity to detention. Unkempt, stringy hair outlined his distaste for personal grooming. The crowd sitting in the room knew of his prickly nature, therefore they all remained silent throughout the day; Bender wouldn’t settle for a Saturday in detention without a little “fun”. His definition of fun comprised of sarcastic remarks and mockery toward the other students joining him.



The tired and tight-lipped girl always knew she was very different from the other attendees of her high school. Dark discoloration rested beneath the skin around her eyes in order to match her clothing, along with her personality. She hadn’t said a single word to anyone that day, or really ever, and she intended to keep it that way throughout lunch. A boy that everyone seemed to know well threw a Coca-Cola toward her and she thanked him in her mind yet didn’t bother to in the real world. She had trouble separating those two things at times. She painfully felt every set of eyes rest upon her as she disregarded the sandwich her mother packed for her and made a little invention out of it, the single fun thing that she’d done so far that day.



Anxieties had been flooding throughout Andrew’s veins the entire morning, worrying constantly about his father’s scattered view of him after this odd day and his questionable spot on the football team. His letterman jacket and jeans made him indistinguishable within the hallways of the school during any usual day; today, he stood out like a sore thumb. He suddenly recalled how important it was for him to eat in order to build muscle on his current scrawny frame. A bag bigger than his head was pulled out from underneath his chair and he made a point to ignore the taunting stares of his detention mates.



He’d singled out a green sweater that morning in hopes of protection from the other detention kids. He’d always been a sort of wallflower, paying more attention to his classmates actions rather than his own. He ignored the paper bag settled in the seat next to him and focused on the people around him, particularly Allison, who had managed to create a concoction he hadn’t even thought was possible. Brian’s small body practically jumped out of it’s seat once Bender slid right next to him smoothly. His sullen expression was forcibly lightened due to the possibility of violence that Bender always seemed to carry with him. A bony hand ran through his double-washed hair nervously as Bender spoke, attempting to make his face reflect something other than his true feelings.


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