The Concert

A Double Sonnet


Faded faces blurred into one within the crowd, each one standing tall to be seen

His camera shuttered and switched, floating through thin air, capturing the band and more

My eyes followed him with sugar pouring out of my brain, my friends dance as I lean

Away from the sweaty bodies, away from the crowd, arms dangling toward the floor


Violet strobes of light poured over my face, I felt them sweep across my cheeks, slowly

Reaching out to others, yet then the single soul behind the lense, eyes on the crowd

Turned and tipped his camera as if it were his own hand, his own body, unholy

Words spewing into my ears, lyrics of a song unknown; metaphor of a cloud


I pushed the poor cliche on the floor, let it roll over to him like a love note

Thinking surely it would knock him down, yet he kept pressing on and on, due to the

Determination which washed the walls he built around himself, voice caught in his throat

Yet then his camera dangled, twisted, turned toward me; I faced the stage, enigma


Near midnight I found my way outside, raindrops taking me in their embrace, but then

The camera next to me lowered, sifting through photos of me, smiling once again



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