The Summer I Was Sixteen

I discovered poetry hidden underneath crevices

With the pennies between the couch cushions

Drying along my skin with the sea salt

Dripping off of his eyelashes


Cool water beckoned me and I shed my pale, fifteen skin

Freshly pricked by rose thorns

We spoke in a new language of stifled giggles,

Fingertip touches, accidental


Sticky gel alleviated mosquito bites, sunburns,

Bumblebee stings alike

Twilight– one sip of alcohol, only one

My mother floated everywhere in a day


On a Wednesday, he took my hand

A late night picnic paired with smiling stars

And the mundane moon, hiding behind unseen mist

My bare feet tangled damp grass


Gas station slushies, an unlocked treasure

The girls stood tall, walking stormclouds of sunscreen

And sass, pinkies locked with a whispered oath, I swear to never forget

The summer we were sixteen



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