Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?”


Pieces of the sky fell upon her pale skin in the form of snowflakes, an inward cringe erupting in her in response to the harsh, cold air. She had always been a summer girl, basking in the rays as if they were a spotlight shining only for her. Winter inclined her to become a sort of hermit, living underneath the protection of cotton blankets and hot chocolate.


However, winter never hindered her from her usual routine of rebellion. As her best friend’s car skidded across her driveway, she shook her head in awe, wondering how she had arrived in one piece after driving along the icy roads in their small New England town. Nightfall crept up behind her as she made her way toward the vehicle, the headlights exposing numerous falling flakes of snow. Slipping into the passenger seat, an aroma of alcohol and narcotics filled her senses immediately.


She thought nothing of it. Her strong willed and determined best friend had managed to drive them home safely after countless parties late at night. Her senses were foggy, yet she had always conjured up enough seriousness to spare them of an accident.


Immediately devoting her attention to the radio, the thought of a seatbelt never crossed her disoriented mind. The backseat eventually became occupied with numerous other girls, cocktail dresses, perfume, and lipstick alike. Obnoxious giggles were hardly audible underneath the stereo, windows rolled down for the effect, no matter how cold it was.


It didn’t take long for the girl to notice that all of her friends were plagued by various levels of drunkenness and she was the only one that had managed to stay sober throughout the night thus far. Reaching underneath her seat, her fingers gripped a small flask and soon enough the harsh liquid was making it’s way down her throat, leaving her with a fuzzy feeling and an indolent smile.


For one moment, everything seemed to freeze. In the most literal sense, the half-sober girl looked out of her window at one single snowflake falling, it’s edges seeming to twinkle just for her. Headlights came into view, paired with a sound of utter chaos. And then, darkness.



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