A Perspective on Spring Break

Driving at night came to be one of my distinct pleasures in life, especially when the highway was involved. My eyes stayed trained on the road ahead of me, headlights nowhere to be seen but too far ahead and too far behind. Our limbs tired and our eyes heavy, Allison and I remained enveloped in an unspoken agreement of little to no conversation. We allowed the melody flowing out of the radio speakers to communicate for us. Like usual, I had everything on my mind all at once, woeful attempts at pushing him out of my brain.


Touring the university today, just a short drive away from the sand and sea salt which I loved so much, I knew it was meant to be my home. The “Lumina Theatre” within the commons area sort of tipped me off. Coincidence doesn’t exist within the realm of my beliefs. To break it down, long distance was not what he signed up for. Albeit nagging thoughts of missing him ate at my brain as I drove away that night, I knew that I had to think about myself and my needs. For once.


My fingertips trailed along the surface of the steering wheel, Allison’s worried voice infiltrating my thoughts, asking if I was too fatigued to drive. With a simple shake of my head, I alleviated her concerns, yet I still caught her out of the corner of my eye, watching the road closely to be sure I stayed on track. I found it extremely humorous that, over and over, she would shine her flashlight in the backseat and floorboards to double check that there were no ghosts or creatures of any sort.


Suddenly, like an eighteen wheeler, the thought hit me that this would be one of our last trips together. Allison would not be there once I  finally got my bottom braces off. My best friend throughout the entirety of high school and I were going separate ways once autumn rolled around. Although we would have chances to video call and text, our little adventures much like this one would be no more. She knew my facial expressions better than anyone, and as her comforting hand reached for mine, raindrops began to fall on the windshield.


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