Character Development


Standing at a whopping 6’1”, the people around her could not help but outcast Fran right off the bat. Her fine, silky hair and ivory skin combined to evoke envy within her fellow female classmates; this resulted in a backlash like no other. In response to this, she resorted to books as a coping mechanism at a young age. As the years passed by, she quickly became thoroughly acquainted with nearly every book available at her local library; this warm place became her home. Dark circles made their home underneath her eyes due to late nights paired with an adventure or two locked within the pages of her current read.

Karma stood on Fran’s side as she grew older. Her senior year, she graduated as valedictorian and received an abundance of acceptance letters from universities that her mother described as “best school”, her finger jabbing into the paper, a slight smile on her face.


Ken Krueger’s appearance is that of an average, middle-aged, suburban father; this is what he appeared to be at first glance from all of his neighbors and fellow church-goers. His ability to relay an extreme array of puns at almost any time conveyed adoration from nearly everyone that acquainted themselves with him.

However, things are not always as they seem. Ken’s addiction developed at a very early age. Pringles were always available within his household. As he grew older, the addiction grew more severe. A basic supply of Pringles was no longer enough to sustain his hunger. Ken needed more. It began as simple theft; grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

Then, one evening, Ken spotted two cans of Pringles resting in the hands of his beloved neighbor. Peeking over the edge of the fence separating them, he waited for the perfect moment to seize his delicious drug. Gaining more stamina than that of a normal middle-aged man, Ken hopped over the hedge in one swift motion and pounced onto the back of his unsuspecting neighbor. With little to no struggle, he pushed the weakling indoors and proceeded to lock the door behind them, his clammy claws clinging to the Pringles can.

He could not help himself. His fingers ripped the top off of the can and he began devouring the scrumptious snack while simultaneously beating the family with the other metal can. This routine continued for years to come, the small town unsuspecting that he could be the infamous “Petrifying Pringle Phantom”.


The young girl grew up being known as “Cynical Sarah”. Very early on, she knew that she’d rather be alone than with anyone else. It’s not that she was an extreme introvert, or that she was extremely timid to the point of awkwardness; she simply did not enjoy being around people. Her cat is the only one she kept by her side throughout the years. The animal developed a sense of cynicism exactly like her; which is why they got along so well.

As she proceeded into adulthood, she grew more and more lonely, which then developed into a fiery pit of hatred deep within her for nearly all of her college peers. She did not stay in a dorm, instead making the conscious decision to buy an apartment right away and live alone, the only exception for a roommate being her cat.


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