Spring Breaking

After clumsily changing into breathable clothing in the backseat, I sat upon my passenger seat throne while my eyes ardently sifted through the array of stars littering the midnight sky, my thighs stinging from remnants of the evening sun. Feet resting on the dash, the glowing moon shone down on my pink tinged face and cherry red, sunburned lips. I found myself feigning for the night wind to creep through the car window and soothe my sticky skin. Neither of us had showered that day, Lumina and I, and driving away from the beach that night I felt as though we carried the ocean with us. Earlier that day I had swooned over the taste of sea salt present on my lips while Lumina scowled, waves crashing on both of our scrunched-up faces.


A frayed aux cord paired with small bands which we shared like secrets intertwined, my eyes closing momentarily as Lumina’s silky voice flowed, mingling with the chorus and creating my own free, personal symphony. Her voice grew shaky and weak with drawn out notes, a result of our previous performances, hair in our faces with a water bottle microphone, lyrics screamed so loud that anyone on the highway could listen in.


Time after time, strangers marveled at the two of us, stark opposites and an unusual pair of best friends. Her chestnut, Laotian skin next to my fair complexion, her dark silky hair, my frizzy blonde strands. Looking at the sunset that day, her voice rang in my ears as she spoke. “I wish I could paint this right now.” She smiled as I rebuked, “I could write a thousand poems about the sky right now.” We never agreed on anything. With the topic at hand, we had no explanation or reasoning to give. Simply put, we fit together perfectly. I felt on top of the world with Lumina, invincible, and this was when I could be the truest form of myself. Tonight I felt free, miles away from home, miles away from strict parents, miles away from my worries.
On this particular night, her feelings were mixed due to a recent breakup. My strained voice offered what advice I could, seeing as I know nowhere near as much as her regarding the issue at hand. This resulted in the slow music that now played on her old radio; cheesy, heartbroken lyrics that somehow said all of the things she needed to hear. Affection snaked its way into our lives at the rarest of moments, once in a blue moon, and our fingers intertwined and shone bright blue underneath the night sky.


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