Bird Bodies!


Light fell onto the streets and splattered across the length of sidewalks, just barely missing my body. I had to sway back and forth to avoid the rays of sunlight pouring like rain. I could almost feel the gears of my mind turning, trying to figure out what time it was, or even where I was located, but to no avail. My mind was completely empty except for thoughts of the prickly feeling that made its way across my skin like a snake. I watched the curtain of night fall over the sky, my feet planted in one place the entire time. My eyes could make out shapes and colors, nothing more. Suddenly, I found the trees pulling me into their embrace, their smiling faces seemingly normal at the moment. Their teeth were quite yellow. I stumbled over roots that reached for my feet despite my requests for them to leave me be. I continued to make my way through the dark and desolate forest, beams of light floating before me and guiding me down the twisty trails, my hands ardently attempting to catch them. Soft voices whispered in my ear, claiming they had something to show me for some time now. Fireflies carried me to an opening, and there lay an animal never seen before. I felt my body lie down next to it on a nearby pile of damp leaves, my eyes staring at the creature with pure curiosity. I could no longer stifle my loud laughter, causing colorful birds to fly out of treetops, greeting me with animosity. The creature before me stayed put, however, it’s puppy face and owl body showing no sign of life. However, each time I tried to reach out to grab it, wanting to pull it closer and examine it carefully, it scurried just out of reach with its tiny legs. I began to follow it down an overlooked path, shrubs growing on each side and nearly toppling over. It came to be a sort of game, following the animal and trying to catch it, a “tag-you’re-it” type thing. However, before I knew it, my ankle was captured by the evil roots and I was pulled deep into a never ending abyss.


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