Table of Contents

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01- Obituaries

02- Open Letter

03- Google Street View

04- Bananas and Coke

05- Obsessions (Updike Piece)

06- Valentine’s Day (Verbing It Up)

07- Summer Love (Advanced Wordplay)

08- A Stranger Comes to Town

09- To His Coy Mistress (Response)

010- Reading (Regret For a Spiderweb)

011- A Pale River (Advanced Wordplay)

012- Above the Waterfall Response

013- The Villanelle

014- Haiku as Syllabics

015- Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Honeybee (A Haiku Series)

016- Koalas!

017- School Lunches

018- The Breakfast Club Characterization

019- The Patient (A Sestina)

020- The Concert (A Double Sonnet)

021- Amore Dolet

022- Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? (Incorporating a Lyric)

023- The Summer I Was Sixteen

024- The Summer I Was Sixteen Vignettes

025- Character Development

026- Bullet Journal

027- Flashbulb Memories

028- Spring Breaking

029- A Perspective on Spring Break

030- Analysis of My Writing

031- Revisions and Revisions

032- Bird Bodies!

033- Graduation Poem